Finding your ideal wedding photographer that fits your budget and availability isn't easy. But my job here is to make this whole process as easy and enjoyable for the both of you as possible. To do this, I've broken your wedding journey with me into a few parts.

Step 1: First contact. You read through everything here, think "this guy seems great" (thanks very much, by the way) and use that Contact page to send me a message. We talk a little online, checking my availability and the hours you want, then arrange a time and place to meet for a coffee (on me, even better).

Step 2: Coffee! This is a lovely chance to meet and have a chat about what you're looking for in more depth, including style, specific shots and a rough plan for the day. This is also where I can show you my elusive shot list, which lets you pick and choose the photos that are most important to you. This is also before any commitments are needed, so I always advice any interested couples to go for this step to help them decide. Free coffee and a nice chat, what's to lose.

Step 3: Securing the date - This is where you decide seize the opportunity and hire me (unbiased opinion, great decision). I send over an online contract, which you can read through and sign, and a retainer, which secures the date and puts it in gold in my diary. I keep a countdown to every wedding, so expect regular messages counting down the days!

Step 4: Just before the wedding! In the weeks before the wedding we talk through the finalised timings, and any last-minute changes. We also get a list of the people you want the group shots with, so you don't get carried away and forget to get a photo with Great Aunt Maggie. She'll never forgive you. I like encouraging brides to build a Pinterest board of their favourite shots, which we can use to get their perfect photos. Whatever unique or wild ideas you have, put them in and I'll make sure we get them!

Step 5: The Big Day! What it's all about. Whether it starts at 8am or 1pm, you can guarantee I'll be there, filled with energy and ready to take on the day. The planning beforehand means that you can just relax and trust me to get your perfect photos while you enjoy your big day. Traditional long and slow group shots are gone, I just rope the best best man into finding everyone for each shot so they're ready to go. The faster we get them the more fun it is, and the earlier you guys get to drink your bubbly. Winner-winner!

Step 6: Celebrate! Wedding's finished, the photos are backed up in 6 different places, and within a couple of weeks I'll have sent you some taster shots to share and love. Then I get hard to work, cutting the 4000-odd photos down to the absolute best shots to give to you both, for you to relive your wedding day through again. You might cry. In the good way.

From Past Couples

Sasha and Marcus

1 / 6

"Peter photographed our wedding on Saturday and I cannot explain how happy we are with his work and how amazing he was on the day. Always in the right place at the right time getting the best shots. We've just received our taster shots and they are soo beautiful. Better than I expected and I cannot stop looking at them."

1 / 6