Dealing with COVID-19

Wedding date set, check. Photographer booked, check. Food, catering, venue, check. RSVP's carefully sent out, chased up then chased up again, check. Global pandemic, also check.


COVID-19 has come at the absolute worst time for so many brides and grooms, leaving them frantically trying to re-book new dates and suddenly competing with a whole new wave of demand. If you're one of the tens of thousands of couples who've had their plans thrown up in the air, I can't imagine how gutting that must be for you.

To make matters worse, you have no idea when it'll be over or if a second-wave will send us right back to where we were a few months ago.

So because of this I just wanted to reassure all my couples, and anyone looking to book their wedding but worried about the uncertainty, that any weddings cancelled due to COVID-19 will be fully refunded, retainer and all, and you'll become first priority over future available dates.

That's a Moonshine Photographer guarantee. 👍

Plan for weddings

If you do decide to go ahead and social distancing rules are still in effect, here's a lovely 5-point plan.

  1. MASKS - Changed regularly and with care to avoid contamination.
  2. HAND SANITIZER - Liquid gold, used even more regularly and offered generously. Thank me later.
  3. 2 METER RULE - All quality with none of the danger. What a bargain.
  4. AIR-FIVES - Almost as good as the real thing, but can be accompanied by air-guitar for a real air-handshake.
  5. GENERALLY JUST A GOOD SENSE OF CAUTION - For every situation.

If you are thinking of not letting a pesky virus ruin your wedding then please do send me a message and we can chat about how we can get you a real social-distanced wedding day.

Your move, COVID.